Press relations

This service offers a highly focused effort on news and features output, in which we tell your targeted media outlets about your key developments, orders, contracts, new appointments and corporate milestones and achievements.

We’ll supply tailored text for editorial features that embrace your sphere of business and prepare case histories of applications of your products and services, promoting their efficiency and effectiveness in practice.

prWe research the opportunities for media coverage then alert you to how best we can take advantage of them.


Profile building

Our service allows you to assess your corporate or personal profile using our established set of performance criteria.

Following our briefing meeting, we prepare a report outlining a suggested strategy for further developing your profile to a logical, measured method, set against a series of performance indicators.

Profile building may involve us in focusing our activity on developing market share for your products or services or heightening the public persona of key players in your organisation.

Whichever option you choose, we enable you to measure progress over an agreed timescale, allowing you and us to fine tune our activity accordingly.


Reputational management

When an explosion impaired the manufacturing capability of a large chemical processor, we were called in to minimise potentially damaging media coverage of the event and maximise the opportunity to demonstrate that the client had exercised all possible safety procedures in both its day-to-day running of the facility and in the aftermath of the blast.

Just one example of how we can manage a `worst case scenario` to help offset adverse media coverage. Crises come in many colours and can terminally damage corporate and individual reputations if not managed sensitively and professionally.

A sound communications strategy is vital to help ensure media are thoroughly informed of events and background to provide a balanced view of the client and its activities.

Our experienced journalists and practitioners have the ability to build the strong links with reporters, feature writers and editors that are needed when your reputation is on the line.