Social media management

Speedmediaone offers a full social media package, which includes operating client accounts across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Knowing what’s appropriate for you business and what isn’t, can be difficult, so we recommend what’s best for you to put out the right message to the target audience, based on individual requirements.



PR and marketing campaigns

For specific events, official product launches or major announcements the need to increase online activity may be necessary.

We can plan, organise and deliver online marketing campaigns that ensure the right message gets to the right customer base.


Web copy preparation

The web is now the number one place where we digest information, read the news and make purchases. If you want to sweat your asset then you need to be telling people what you do and why potential clients should choose you and not a rival.

Compelling copy can engage the customer, but too often words are poorly planned and can convey the wrong impression.

A third party can often spot key strengths and weaknesses and better deliver a message that will make the consumer take note.


Blog preparation

Increasingly, customers look to a website for more than just a portal to buy things; they want to interact and feel apart of your business. Blogging is an extremely effective and efficient way of keeping clients abreast of the day-to-day activities of your business and the industry it operates within.

A well written, engaging and informed blog can set your business out from the rest as a source of knowledge for the latest news industry developments.