Advertisement copy

The immense quantity of information available to view today, and everybody’s pressing deadlines mean advertisements have to pack punch.

We can create memorable moments for your marketplace, thanks to our team of copywriters, which works right across business and consumer sectors.

Clients expect creativity – we twin that skill with an ability to deliver cost-effect solutions that’ll allow you to wring maximum value from your campaign.


Direct Mail

Still a valuable marketing tool, direct mail is back on the shopping list of many marketing managers, who realise that the traditional methods of reaching their buying audience are still valid.

Whether you want a single shot and a single message, or a sustained direct mail campaign across print and online media, we’ll wrap the right words in the right format at the right time to capture optimal response.



The world’s one big feature a renowned journalist once voiced – and we believe her.

When you’re struggling to find the right angle and content, fresh eyes can make all the difference.

Our backlog of feature material is vast and varied, drawing on the strands of business and consumer life that throw up great opportunities for great writing every day of the year.

Why not let us handle the hard work for you and tell your story in the way that the media want to cover it. You’ll save so much time and effort. We love to work with clients to conjure a compelling read from the germ of an idea.



Our team of journalists have all worked in busy newsrooms so know the buttons to press to carry your message to market. Persuasive intros and sharp, incisive text combine to create ‘must-read’ stories.

Interviewing clients and third parties as sources for news is our stock-in-trade, so you can be sure we’ll present you with text that hits the mark first time, saving you plenty of time and trouble assembling stories yourself.



Today’s advertorials can be so much more than an extended product or service promotion, if written in the persuasive, compelling manner we expect from an ‘independent’ feature.

Good journalism, applied commercially, with image impact, can present a powerful package for your would-be customers and clients.

Our tried and trusted techniques will strike just the right balance.